Most everyone knows it is best to lock the doors of a house and car while away.  The possibility of thieves is just too great to ignore.  In fact, today there are whole businesses built around the protection of our “things.”  And, of course, if our children are around we always warn them to keep doors locked at all times to keep any danger away from them.  Nothing good can be said about people who only want to hurt others.

On the other hand, someone who can be classified as a “helper” brings praise to our lips.  Think of those who bring meals when someone is sick, or send cards to encourage, or offer to drive us somewhere when we’re without a car.  Help comes in many ways.  We can hire our own help: for lawn care, painting our homes, cleaning our homes.  And the usual things we may not even think of as being “help:”  dry cleaners, restaurants, doctors and hospitals.

Jesus even talked about thieves.  He pointed out that the thief comes around only to steal and take away and destroy.  In John 10:10, Christ likened the spiritual thief to a literal thief.  Yet, we so often fail to think about the spiritual thievery going on in our lives each day.  Could it be because we have failed to place “value” on spiritual possessions?

For insurance purposes, we might video catalog or list those possessions we want covered under our policies.  Of how much more value are the blessings we possess from God?  Do we let the master Thief take them from us without even thinking?  Without locking our hearts and minds against the lies of Satan?  Without protecting ourselves and our children with prayer each day?  Without teaching our youth the many ways they will be deceived by the words of this world and failing to give them the words of God to throw at the Enemy?

God has given us the Ultimate Helper to be with us at all times, available at our momentary call.  The Spirit has access to all of God and therefore is able to give us all the strength, guidance and protection God offers.  I pray we remember to protect ourselves from the thieves of this world.  Thieves who would steal our joy in Christ, steal our time with our families, steal our rest and reliance on God.  The Destroyer of our soul wishes to only do harm.

Remember God sent Christ to give us the help we need to have an abundant life.  Not less, but more!  What a priceless possession!  Thinking on Christ will bless you.  If you feel anything other than blessing in Christ’s presence, you can be sure it is the Destroyer of Peace who is breaking into your heart to steal.

Lock yourselves into God’s Word and receive His peace!

by Cindy Best