With all the blizzards and tornadoes the Midwest is known for, it is definitely wise to make plans for yourself and family.  We can’t stop weather systems from forming, but we can be wise enough to know what we need in case of an emergency.

I’ve learned to have candles with matches right next to them, and not just dinner candles, but the big jar type candles which last for hours…ever had to read a child books while you waited for the electricity to be restored?  Think ahead on that one.  Even battery-operated candles–they look decorative and serve a purpose and are available as tea lights or full-size, look-like-wax.  Then there’s the good old standby flashlight with a drawer full of batteries.

In the winter, it never hurts to have several cans of soup, tuna, peanut butter and a loaf of bread in the freezer.  And, of course, several gallons of water for each person.  We went through one spring ice storm without power for a full five days…no hot meals and the first two days, we couldn’t get out our driveway because of the huge tree limbs blocking the way, so no restaurant food either.

And little children don’t understand the concept of tornadoes, so it is important to plan how you will describe such an event to them and be prepared to ask them which toy will make them feel good in the basement, or inside a bathroom.  And as for you, what treasure would you absolutely die to have back…take that with YOU!   For me, it’s my children’s photo albums, and I know right where they are.  Also tell older teens, if they are at the mall when a siren goes off to head for the bathroom area where the support walls are plentiful….do NOT try to drive home!

Planning is important for emergencies and, of course, for just plain getting through life.

Sometimes I want to NOT plan…only sit and let life happen.  Usually that only comes about if I’m lucky enough to get a vacation away from home.  It seems my mind has to get away from the house, even if I have time off, because within the confines of the four walls, I “will” find something to plan.  Ack!

My point in all this, however, is that as children of God, we have the greatest plan of all.  We have our eternal future taken care of…no savings needed, no food, shelter, clothes, schedules.  Nothing.  God has our every need thought of and provided, ahead of time.  Nothing will surprise God.  Do you think when we get to heaven he will say, “Oh, I didn’t know you were coming today!”   No way…God knows and has prepared a place for you.

A place under His wings of shelter, peace, provision.  A place with no tears.  A place of purest love.  A place more beautiful than our eyes can envision.

Prepared?   Oh, yes!   He is.

Blessings to you today.  And God’s comfort on your soul.

by Cindy Best