Water is essential for life.  Simple and obvious statement, right?  Without drinking water, our bodies will only  survive about three to four days.

And water provides us with so much enjoyment as well.  Swimming pools, fishing ponds or lakes, ocean fishing, even little fountains in our gardens which make beautiful sounds to help us relax.  Then, the practical side of being able to cook pasta or boil eggs and take a shower or bath, wash our clothes, make our coffee and tea.  And on and on.


But water in the WRONG place is awful.  Right?

This past spring and summer, Iowa had waaaaay too much water.  Flash floods, river flooding.  Then much of Colorado was destroyed by floods (after burning with forest fires in early spring). Yuck!

You might have had water issues in your basement, too.  Sump pumps working over time.  Or water breaking through foundations.

Water overflowing drain spouts and leaking into the basement.  Ruining our carpet, furniture, drywall, etc.  Ruining all the work we did bringing in good stuff to enjoy.

What can we do?

Well, the only way to stop water being where we do not want it is to prepare and prevent.  Cleaning out gutters regularly–that most mucky and dreaded of jobs at least for those of us who hate ladders–is vital.  And to tell the truth, it’s a job that gets put off until the first downpour, right?  At which time it may be too late to keep the water from seeping in.

Why do we put off something that we know has to be done?

Out of sight, out of mind, huh?  Maybe that’s the simple answer.  If we don’t have to face what we really hate to do every day, it just falls to the back of our “to do” list and maybe falls off the paper altogether!  But, when the forecast is dire, we scramble to find the ladder and then find ourselves on the stupid thing as the first drops of rain fall.  Double yuck!

Well, I’m thinking the gutters of our spiritual life sometimes need to be cleaned out, too.  All sorts of riffraff coated with worry, fear, frustration and disbelief floats through the air and falls into our minds.  They can easily overflow with all that junk, until it starts to seep into our soul and ruin the “good stuff” we have. The good stuff we worked so diligently to build up in our spiritual life.

Keeping tabs on what falls into our “gutters of life” will help.  We can’t stop everything, but we can pay more attention, more often…before the massive storms come and flood us out.  We need to keep a check on what we let fill our minds and hearts.

Water is good.  Water is life.

Just be sure to keep it in its place.

by Cindy Best