The other day I was baking, and I plopped in eggs, milk, butter, sugar, flour, salt and vanilla.  So what do you think I got out of that mixture?  A cake?  Cookies?  A sweet bread?  Maybe a cobbler of some sort?  Or even a shortbread?

Nope. In my blender I watched all the ingredients whir together and poured the outcome into a pie plate and got a custard pie, that made its own crust as it baked.

I realized, as I poured the liquid, that with those exact ingredients–in different proportions–I could have a cake.  It all depended on how much of each thing I would add, and in what form. In other words, cold butter instead of melted would mix differently with the flour.  Four eggs would be very creamy versus one or two. And the amount of sugar and flour would make a huge difference in the texture and sweetness of my creation.

Red velvet cupcake

Now, knowing me, you can imagine how my mind started whirling around like the blender blades as I contemplated this thought.

What happens when the ingredients of life are all the same, but we get different results?  What kind of mixture goes into our lives and gets poured out into a mold of our making?

We all have trouble, anger, doubt, desires, hopes and wishes…maybe despair and depression. And we throw in worship and Bible study and prayer, too!

Mix all that inside our spirit and with our individual temperaments, and what do we get?

Something nourishing, or sweet, or big and fluffy or flat as a pancake?

Interesting thought, huh?

As a new season of Women of the Word begins, a new container is available for all the ingredients of our lives.  A new chance to change the proportions of what we pour inside of us has arrived.

I hope you get a chance to think about what ingredients you wish to increase in your life these next weeks and what you wish to decrease as well.

I’m praying you will have a great time meeting old friends and greeting new ones, and that you will find God waiting to help you “mix” everything He has planned for you this year.  With Him, the outcome can only be good…delicious, in fact!

by Cindy Best