After last week and all the awful/frightening/tragic news and then the drama of the closing days, I find myself wishing I was in another world.  In fact, I wish I could see the New Heaven and Earth descending from a cloud, as scripture tells us it will.  I am more than ready for Christ to come and get us out of this mess.

So much pain.  So much “past” that will forever hang like a dark cloud over every day of the “future.”  How do I recover?  I am old…relatively speaking…compared to those who have little children who just now saw evil on the TV.

They were not here for the horrible 9/11 attacks and the days that followed.  They may have heard about the ongoing wars, but the terror of the days and weeks that followed September 2001 is not in their frame of reference.  Some of you younger parents may not remember it all that well, either…it was almost 12 years ago.  You may remember where you were when you heard the news, but your busy teen lives probably were wound up in fun activities, sports and school homecomings.

New York City, Photo source: DOD, public domain

But I’m sure you know that our world was changed that day.

And after Boston, it has been changed once more.  No longer complacent, believing that all is good.  Because it’s not.

Days like April 15, 2013 give us a reality check.  Not just because of the evil that comes out of its dark pit and strikes in daylight.  Reality checks bounce off everything around us.  Seeing our kids, friends and family still walking and talking, our house still in one piece, our city streets open and free.

As awful as it all has been, we still live in a First World Country, with First World problems.  We are blessed.

What if every day we had to forage the streets for food for our children?  What if we had to worry they would be sold into sex slavery?  What if missiles rained daily onto our city?  What if suicide bombers were normal events of each day?  What if there were no antibiotics readily available, or clean water?  What if you and your family had to sleep in the dirt or mud?  What if there was no electricity, how would you cook?  What if….?

That’s the life of the Third World. Every. Single. Day.

What world do you live in?

We are blessed, blessed and blessed again.  Remember to thank God for each and every blessing.  Hug your kids. Count your blessings. There are trials, there are troubles, Jesus said that “in this world, you will have trouble,” but he also told us to take heart because He has overcome this world.

We are not “of” this world, although we are “in” it.  Thank God and Praise Him that He, through Jesus Christ, has given us a New World!!

by Cindy Best