Spring may finally be here!  I am soooo ready for flowers to peek through the ground and leaves to unfurl on the trees.  Ready for consistent sunshine and fluffy clouds to float across the sky.  And ready for the swing on my deck.

Goodness sakes it’s been a l-o-n-g winter!

Easter Sunday always makes me ready for down-and-out spring weather.  What about you?  What signifies “Spring” in your mind?  A yard full of Robins, or the first Crocus or Daffodils?  Green grass finally making a stand amongst the mud-covered lawns of the neighborhood?


Yesterday, I drove past a huge pile of snow that had been plowed off a big parking lot into one of those mountains.  It was disgusting.  A huge pile of “snirt” as we Northerners are known to call it.  That snow was so filthy and black, I swear it could’ve been left over from last year.  I hate the look of that stuff.  Maybe because it reminds me we haven’t yet turned the full corner toward truly warmer weather.

I had to remind myself we have rejoiced on Easter, however, so that means Spring is truly here.  At last.  What a joy to know all things are about to transform into new life on our side of the Equator.  Sometimes I forget that as we are entering warmth and beauty, another part of our globe is going dormant and growing chilly.  I studied all that in my Geography class in school, but the Interwebz has helped me reclaim that knowledge, because I have friends in Australia who post pictures and talk about the graying skies and cool temps now.  Isn’t our world fascinating?

The significance of new life on our planet should not be lost to the Christian mind.  We should grab onto it, rejoice in it and grasp the awesome message God planted when He created all things for us to enjoy.  We get to enjoy God on earth before we get to Heaven.  Awesome!

And Colossians 3:3 tells us all about it: “Your old self has died; and your new life is kept with Christ in God.”


So it doesn’t matter if I’m a big pile of snirt, does it?  That’s my old self–the before-I-met-Christ self.  I am KEPT with CHRIST in GOD!  Who can take that away?  No one.  Christ is the one Who first died and now lives forever…the only man to please God perfectly.  And He keeps me with Him in God.  No one can snatch me from His grasp.

Spring is new life and it comes year after year.  Nothing can stop it because God planned it that way.

Your new life in Heaven is coming.  Nothing can stop it.  Because God planned it that way.

Thank you, Jesus!

by Cindy Best