Once I was visiting another church and the pastor used an illustration of how easy it is for sin to color our whole lives for the worse.  It was very dramatic.

He had a glass of water on the podium and also a glass he’d filled with garden dirt.  He took a tablespoon and filled it with the dirt that fit in it and then dumped it into the large glass of water.  You saw how the black soil sunk to the bottom of the glass and then slowly it began to dissolve and filter into the entire glass until all the water was a murky gray.

Obviously, the dirt was sin and the water signified the life of a person and how just a bit of sin could spread through the entire life.  His dramatization made me think of an anecdote I’d heard Charles Swindoll use many years ago.  Swindoll talked about how our actions rub off on another and vice versa…in other words, birds of a feather tend to flock together and we should be careful of the company we keep.  He ended his illustration by saying you can be wearing white gloves and go into the garden and pick up dirt, but the gloves will always get dirty while the dirt will never get “glovey.”

We can have the best of intentions, but when faced with the evil of sin, the dark coloring will scar our souls.

The pastor’s graphic display with the water and dirt sent a quietness over the congregation that was quite noticeable.  And as people filed out, their quietness was depressing.

I wanted to shout and say, “But look what one teaspoon of bleach can do to this muddy glass of water!”   I wanted to grab an eye dropper and fill it with good old ordinary bleach and show how the blackness disappeared and the water became clear again!

THAT is the victory which comes from Christ’s unselfish death on the cross.  His blood is the bleach that cleanses our blackened souls from all the filth of sin–no matter what kind of sin it is.

Jesus falling beneath the cross

His blood is greater than ALL our sin.

That is the victorious message of the Cross of Christ.  The plan God conceived before we were born and carried out through His Son Jesus.

A “legalist” might think that we keep adding teaspoons of dirt daily to that glass of water and that we somehow have to figure a way to keep that water clean on our own.  But the joy of God’s plan, God’s calling to His grace, is that when Jesus said, “It is finished” while He hung on the cross, he meant he’d thrown His blood (the cleansing flood) into that glass of our sin, and He did it once for all.  Forever.  It. Is. Finished.

Praise His Name and rejoice in His resurrection.  His triumph over sin and death. For while He was on the cross, YOU were on His mind.

by Cindy Best