I imagine many of you have had weeks when you’ve experienced what I have this week…brain overload!!  Or feeling “brain dead” where I cannot think of one more thing.  Or one particular thing.

But at night my brain seems to go crazy with ideas.

I think I need Spring Break!

Which leads me to wonder what you do to “fill your well” with energy, creativity, peace, patience or whatever it is you need the most.

As women, we push ourselves to be all things to all people.  And that is something we do at home, at work, at church and at other gatherings we might be involved with.  I think we are mostly running on “fumes” a lot of the time.  And we do need to step back and have a break.  A lot more often than we’d imagine.

The “Day of Rest” that God instituted was meant for that physical and mental break, but we’ve turned it into one more day to cram activities into.  They may be good activities for either our spouse or our children, but somehow the hours get away from us, and we find Monday racing toward us with the next schedule of events blocked out on our calendars.


I don’t have an answer to this predicament, but I do know that we need to find out where our personal “gas tank” is.  Is it in reading, going to a park and enjoying nature, visiting a museum or art center, creating something through crafts or painting/drawing?  Or do you draw inner strength and fire from fellowship with friends of like mind?

Whatever it is that feeds your soul, you need to make a plan.  Sometimes it seems hopeless, but believe me, if you don’t “try” to plan, I know it will never happen.  So, better to try.  Right?

Now, talk amongst yourselves.

At least talk with those important to you, who will benefit from your mental health!  Be creative, but do take time.  Even if it’s only going to a coffee shop for tea and scones!  It’s important!

by Cindy Best