When I’ve had severe muscle cramping in my back and shoulders, I call my daughter to ask her what I should do.  How can I get my body back to where the muscles are aligned correctly?

Since she has had training as a massage therapist, which required extensive study of muscles and bones and how they interact with specific movement, she understands what needs to be moved in what direction to get relief.

Most often she reminds me to use an opposing muscle or group of muscles.  As in:  if your low back is in a spasm, do something that requires abdominal muscles to work.  Because–and this is important–when the opposite muscle group is at work, the other one can’t spasm or “work.”   So doing an abdominal crunch or something like that makes the back muscles relax.



I realized that this is a concrete example of what Jesus tells us.  “You can’t serve two masters.  You will love the one and hate the other.”  Jesus was talking about the wealth we make in the world or the commitment we make to God (at least that’s the way I interpret those particular verses).  Christ knew the strong pull the world would have on each of us, and the tough times we’d have figuring out how to “align our lives” with what God ultimately wants.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve got this all figured out.  Life’s daily ups and downs throw me off-kilter all the time.  But–and I may have shared some of this before–there’ve been a few times I could not continue within the over-arching work atmosphere or ethics of my particular place in the working world.  I had to make a hard choice.  Leave my job, and people I really did care about and love, or continue employment and thereby feel my conscience chafed at how I saw others being treated in the long run.

Step out in faith that God would provide another job or stay employed and ignore what bothered me.

Everyone has to come to their own decisions on what’s what in their own world, but in my case, I made my choices.  And God provided!   I have no doubt each time was a miracle–made as I stepped out in faith and not before.

It’s a hard and fine line we deal with daily.  But I know the joy I’ve felt when I made the choice of Who I would serve.  There’s nothing like that feeling of peace in my spirit.

I pray each of us can seek God’s guidance in circumstances that require us to use the “opposite muscle group” and in that way release the tension and spasms and soul and emotions have knotted up inside.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  It is the only way God can speak.  Seek Him and His will, and do not be afraid.

by Cindy Best