We brought home a little puppy from a rescue last Tuesday.  She was scared to death and her fur was all matted and she smelled horrible.  We gave her a bath and held her in lots of towels and worked out the worst of the matted fur.

The first two days, she would only huddle in my lap.  Finally, she has started to believe I am an okay person and she even runs to greet me when I come out of the kitchen or bedroom.  And she follows me everywhere and wants to sleep on something that has my scent on it.

Of course, I think she is just the sweetest thing!


She has learned my lap is available, that I feed her regularly, and I’ve gotten toys for her and she can play with the cats whenever she wants, too!  My life is all about making her life safe and happy.  I am confident that at some point, her little puppy mind will realize there are only good things for her here.

I thought about how each of us has been rescued by Christ…whether we know it yet or not!   He paid the price and has a great home full of love ready for us to enjoy forever.

Some might think that is just too simply stated, but in fact, the love of God is exactly that simple to have and hold.   There is nothing for us to do but climb into his lap and feel his arms around us.  He wants nothing more than to assure us that we are loved, safe and have a home!

There’s nothing we have to do…HE is the one who chose us and keeps us!

Enjoy His love today.

by Cindy Best