As many of us struggle with the news of dear Gina’s death, we fool ourselves if we pretend we are not asking, “Why?”

Gina, my friend

Why, when we prayed so earnestly?

Why, when there were so many people praying?

Why, when she was such a faithful servant?

Why, when she tried to make healthy decisions?

Why, when she was so young?

Why, when she had a family who loves her and needs her?

Why, why, why…?

The answers seems to be that only God knows.  The answers will be revealed later on, as hard as that is for us to understand.

BUT we should also ask these “WHY QUESTIONS” :

Why were we allowed to know her?

Why were we allowed to be blessed by her smile, laugh, and friendship?

Why did Gina have such a heart for others?

Why would she come to the aid of anyone she’d been made aware of?

Why did Gina deeply love her family, friends and Savior?

And, WHY do we put off telling others we love them?  Why do we deny that each day is truly a blessing from God..because we may not have another?

WHY don’t we begin, today, in Gina’s name, to hug, kiss, laugh with and serve others?

WHY don’t we follow her example, and be the first smile someone sees?

by Cindy Best