A friend showed me a picture of a mushroom growing in the forest and reminded me that some are poisonous.  But it looked just like a large button mushrooms I buy at the store!   You wouldn’t know what it was like until you bit into it and digested it.

And it could make you wish you’d never seen it!

If you’re a gardener, you know there are plants that leach their own “chemicals” into the soil around them and kill off plants that enter their growing space.  They are protecting themselves.  They may not be poison to people, but they are to other plants.

Not only are there wild mushrooms and berries and herbs you shouldn’t eat, because of what’s held inside, but having poison inside is not just in the plant world.  We ourselves can hold poison and be deadly to others.  Ever think of your attitude in that way before?

There’s a book called, “Toxic People” and the title speaks volumes in itself.  The poisons held inside our heart’s attitude can definitely destroy others if they get too close.  And we become destroyed in the process of our own inner toxins as well.

I never have wanted to go “shrooming” in the Iowa woods because of the very strong possibility that I would pick the wrong kind of mushroom and either become very ill myself or make a family member ill…or even kill someone with the wrong kind of mushroom.  And I’ve learned over the years that I also need to be wary of getting too close to a toxic person, because their poisonous inner attitude can easily rub off onto me.

Surrounding ourselves with good thoughts and people is actually not selfish.  It is what I believe the Apostle Paul was trying to get through to us when he said to “think on good things.”  Just as the sun brightens our days more than clouds, so does a happy person lighten our load.  Laughter has been shown to be healthy and healing, and I definitely want to read a book that leaves me feeling better instead of depressed!   I’m not into drama….real life holds way too much of it to make me want to read or watch any more!

I try to make the effort of being positive as much as I can.  Especially around others, even if I’m not feeling the greatest myself.  I figure everyone has problems, so why add to theirs?  I want people to have good memories of me…not be sorry they happened to engage me in conversation!

I want my inner thoughts to be life-giving not poisonous.  Today, think about your own inner self and maybe the people you rub shoulders with on a daily basis.  Do you think they come away from you feeling better?  Do you come away from them feeling better?

In no way am I saying we shouldn’t come alongside someone who needs cheering up or guidance out of a bad situation…we all need help now and then.  But you know what I mean when I say there are people who just seem to leach unhappy feelings into the soil around them.   Guard your heart!   Keep your mind focused on good things…which truly come from God, not from people.