I spent much of the summer praying for those in the path of the fires in Colorado, California, Arizona, Idaho and on and on.  So many fires and so many homes and businesses destroyed.  As well as all the trees, flowers, and wildlife.  Even the sky in Iowa held smoke which blew our way.

The fires in Colorado destroyed landmark buildings and threatened many of my friends’ homes.  I watched the coverage on television and got constant updates and pictures from my friends and the news sources in Colorado Springs.  My heart ached for all the loss.

Seeing the blackened and charred buildings, personal possessions, and anything that surrounded them added to the dismal scene and conveyed the specter of death and decay so powerfully.  In fact, I don’t believe there’s anything more accurate in the portrayal of the finality of what often seems to be the blackened ashes of our lives.

But….and here’s the awesomely wonderful part…now, just a few short months later, green plants can be seen sprouting from those very same ashes.  Bright green against the black.

The ash acts as a fantastic growth medium.  Something new and strong is beginning.

If our lives seem to be in ashes, maybe we need to use the crumbled and burned dregs of what was in our past to grow something new, brighter and stronger.  Only God can help us do that, but if we let Him, the beauty can be astonishing.

And the contrast of what was old and what is new can be breathtaking.

by Cindy Best