Beginning a project, a new concept, or a new season brings with it the chance of failure.  Are you feeling up to a challenge?  Are you thinking of the positive side of what the new venture or new resolution can mean?

To me, the fall season doesn’t mean winter is ahead and I have nothing to look forward to but colder weather.   It means so many things are in front of me that I get to experience again and afresh!  Fall leaves, cool nights and fire pits, candles, comfy sweatshirts and holidays I love!

Yes, there could be lousy weather…no doubt there will be.  But it comes and goes, and I get to experience it.  Each day I try to thank God for the gifts He gives me so graciously without my asking:  sight, hearing, movement, the ability to think, touch, smell, taste and swallow!  For some, those things are not possible…I try not to take them for granted.

And on the inevitable down days–sometimes even downright bad days–I try to let them pass and be done with them.  Not always easy, I grant you that!  One quote that I’ve come to love is by Tony Robbins:  “Yesterday does not equal tomorrow. Forget the past and move toward your goals.”

If you’ve ever rested beside a moving stream, you’ve probably noticed the water tumbling over and around rocks, sticks, and dead leaves; sometimes it pools in a little quiet spot and then when it gets full to the brim it trickles around and down, other times it spills over the top of a stone and flows quickly on its way.  What it doesn’t do, is give up and go backwards.

Obstacles are part of everyone’s life.  There is no person without a past.  And as long as you live just one more second, you will have a future.  As the water in the stream meets objects that just happen to be in its path, we must figure a way around whatever we bump against.  Often it is our own inner thoughts that give us the biggest obstacles.

Surrendering our own plans to God, our strong wills, our weaknesses, our failures (and yes, we all have failures no matter how we look on the outside) will help us get through the changes that come daily.  Those new challenges, new projects, new ideas…they are there for a reason.  Not to make us stumble and go backwards!  Surrender does *not* mean we give up…it means we keep going with renewed confidence in the God who sustains us and gives us each breath.  Surrendering to God can only bring goodness into our lives, because God is good… He cannot be other than good!

As we continue to learn more about God’s love this season, I hope we can focus on what is good about our journeys.  Each one of us is on a path going somewhere.  We may not understand our own path, let alone someone else’s, but we can understand that God loves each one of us and is on the path *with* us… He is actively engaged with us on the road of life, not standing aside and watching us stumble our way along.  Believe in His love for YOU!  Accept His grace to YOU!

by Cindy Best