Did you know the most important characteristic of money or anything used as “currency” is that it must have NO value in itself?

Consequently, all of our paper currency that we put into bank accounts, stock markets, bonds, etc., is, by definition, worthless.  Otherwise, if it had a value, we would be reluctant to let go of it!

Think about it–all the paper we hold at the store is worthless.  It only has value because of the “value” the government places on it.  Before that, it had value only because of the gold “reserve” that backed it.  That is why our whole economy rests in what the government in power says is the value of our money.  It could, in fact, become entirely worthless overnight.

This is not a scare tactic, but we know it to be true because it has happened in many countries, especially after a war.

Spiritually speaking, we find value in our faith only if Jesus Christ is behind it and “gives” faith a real value.  The Bible teaches all that we hold in our hands (our good deeds, kindness, honesty, fidelity, etc.), is worthless as spiritual currency.  The only “price” that will allow us into heaven is faith in Jesus Christ…and we cannot pay for that.  HE is the one who paid the price, the entry fee to heaven.  He is the one who backs our spiritual currency.

Our currency is indeed worthless and has no value in itself.  The “pockets of our lives” are full of worthless money.  Often we think we should hold tightly to what we do and have to show how “rich” we are in our own resources.

But in order for our faith to have value, it has to be totally separate from us and our works, and only valuable because of Jesus Christ and HIS value.

Jesus Christ has in fact made us priceless!

Praise His Name!

by Cindy Best