One of the Bible study programs I participated in years ago taught me about using a “wheel” as an example of life in Christ.   I remember it still, because riding a bicycle was a very big deal in my young life and I still enjoyed it for years as a young adult.   As a kid, I remember using a clothes-line clip to attach a playing card near the spokes on the bike wheel and then hearing the “click, click, click” as the wheel spun round and round while I pedaled!

The illustration of spiritual life that I learned put Christ as the “hub” of the wheel and prayer, Bible study, fellowship and service to others as the four spokes keeping the wheel “in balance.”  This tidy picture in my mind provided me with a goal for my Christian life, and I set off to head my soul in the model of perfect alignment with God’s Holy Spirit.

Well, to continue this analogy, I’m sure you’ve taken your car in to have the wheels rotated and balanced.  But did you know that right after an automobile tire has been perfectly balanced, as soon as it is driven even the short distance of a block, it begins to lose its balance and is on the way to wobbling badly again?

Such a mechanical principle applies to our spiritual balance, too.  We think we have everything perfectly arranged in our lives and then daily life begins and every hour comes at us just like the pavement affects the tire.   Bumps, ruts, slippery spots and little rocks jar the tires and perfect balance is lost.   It doesn’t take long for our every-day problems, hurts, anger and frustrations to jar us loose from perfect balance in Christ!

Since we just went through a spiritual “high” celebrating Easter and feeling blessed clear down to our toes, we don’t expect despair to hit us by Tuesday.  But we must learn to take our out-of-balance wheel of life to the Master Mechanic (the heavenly Mr. God-wrench) and let Him make us perfect again for the next day.  And our repair is free and gone and forgotten about because God keeps no record of what put us in the repair shop!

My prayer for us all is that as each day challenges our faith and commitment, we will rely on God to put things in perspective and balance.

Even when we fail, God declares us to be in perfect balance with Him.

So praise His name!

by Cindy Best