F –       freeing my soul of anger in order to receive the fullness of God’s grace

O –      owning up to my personal sin

R –       releasing my right to hold onto anything separating my spirit from God’s Spirit

G –       giving God all my tests of faith

I –        inviting God to control my thoughts, my mouth and my life

V –       valuing His love for me above all other love

E –       emptying myself of all pride and becoming humble in order to walk with God

N –       never allowing Satan to work through me to hurt another believer and steal my joy

E –       enjoying God’s presence and peace as He lavishly bestows it

S –       saying “this is the day God made for me, and I will rejoice in it”

S –       satisfying my longing for acceptance, value and self-worth in the Cross of Christ

I pray that as we head toward Easter Sunday in a few weeks, we think of the awesomeness of having God, through Jesus, die for us.  In that horrible crucifixion death, He conquered Satan and evil not for His own glory, but because the Lord God Creator of all things wanted US to be with HIM forever.

And why would he do that?  For the Bible tells us we are evil, vile, and lower than worms in our own right.  But because He FIRST loved US, we have the chance to become the children of God!  To be joint heirs to the Kingdom of God and to rule with His Son!

There is NO hope without Christ.  No happiness, no healing.  Only sorrow and pain.

Because Satan, the Evil One, is the exact opposite of God and offers only the opposite of all God offers, eternal life can be summed up in two ways:  With God we have an eternal home and family, and the Light of the Son shines always.  Without God we face being eternally alone, in a pit with no one around us, and in the dark blackness of sin forever.

May we sincerely and truly honor Him and His death by dwelling on the love poured out to us on that cross.   As the song says, “I believe in a hill called Mt. Calvary, I believe whatever the cost.  When time is surrendered, and earth is no more, I’ll still cling to the old rugged cross.”

by Cindy Best