Spring is just around the corner…can you smell it?   In fact in some states, flowers are already being planted and even blooming!

At this time of year, when the sun stays out a bit longer and shines a bit warmer, my thoughts always turn to bedding plants and what kind I want to try in my garden.  How about you?

I’ll let you in on something, though, I have no green thumb whatsoever.  Whatever plants grow in my garden do so in spite of me.  Oh, I’ve had a shelf full of gardening books and magazines, some of which make it look sooooo simple.  Not!

One of the things that I’ve never gotten right, I guess, is watering the right amount at the right time.  The perfect balance escapes me.  So my plans have to be hardy and pretty much capable of fending for themselves.  I’ve learned to stick with the “natural” plants common to this area of the country and many of them can withstand drought and early frost.

Oh, I’ve lost more than a few, especially in that brutal winter we had a couple years back.  But the wildflower seeds I planted are now taking hold and they’re going gangbusters, especially the Pink Cone Flower or Echinacea.  Also, my Honeysuckle Vine and Wisteria are about to cover the Pergola built over my front walk, although the Wisteria has yet to bloom after five seasons!

At any rate, as I said, I get to thinking about growing things and that leads me into what I don’t know about growing things!  And since I like pretty flowers, I go to the local nursery often and let the owner guide me to what might work where.

Going to scripture is kind of like that for me at times.  It’s great to have a consistent study time about specific topics or books, but I also know that finding out what works where and how in the “garden of my life” is a good thing, too.  If you feel your life is a little dry, try watering liberally with the Spirit.  The good thing is you can’t “over water” with the Spirit of God, nor can you go to it at the “wrong time.”

Spiritual watering is a way of growing things in my life that I don’t have to worry about.  I let the Master Gardener take over my soul’s garden and when I do that, I am overjoyed at what He produces….even out of the tiniest seeds!  It doesn’t take much for beauty to abound, and I can even “share” some of it with friends and the beauty keeps growing and growing.

I bet you can think of things in your soul’s garden that you can relate to read seeds, dirt, fertilizer and water, too.  While you are planning on what you’d like to see grow in your yard this season, think about what new things you’d like to learn in your spirit, too!  We might even find we have a bouquet of beauty together.

by Cindy Best