In this New Year, have you made resolutions?  Or maybe just “thought about” things you’d like to do differently?  Do you doubt you can or will accomplish these?

Come on, now, be honest!  DO you doubt yourself?

Well, guess what?  DOUBT is human!  It means you are part of the Human Race.  So rejoice!  If you thought you were superhuman–or are supposed to be in order to please God–have I got good news for YOU!

Growing up, I always had doubts that I was good enough, had done enough, would do enough, think enough, pray enough…yada, yada….to please God so He would always love me.

Finally, I came to truly understand Ephesians 2:8-9.   “For by grace you’re saved, through faith, and that’s not even from you; it’s a free gift from God, not of your works, or any man could boast about himself.”

Many of us have so many daily struggles with the stresses and temptations of the world we live and work in that we get to the point where we wonder if we really are a part of God’s family.  Even if we claim the name of Jesus Christ.  It’s at this point, when we’re holding onto that fraying knot, we need to grab and cling to God’s promises through His Word.

A pastor once said, “Noah may have fallen while IN the ark, but he never fell OUT of the ark; nor did God tell him to put pegs on the outside and hang on!”

AMEN!  Think of Noah and the ark as a good anchor for our thoughts at times of doubt.  God provided the instructions to build the ark, then provided the rain–and the floods came.  BUT GOD kept His promise of safety.  (By the way, sometime do a word study with your Bible and a concordance–available to you free on the Internet–on the word coupling “but God” and see what God does!)

God has given us instructions for OUR safety through life’s storms.  By trusting our life and eternal soul to Jesus Christ, we are saved eternally!  God keeps us safe throughout all time and brings us safely to shore in heaven through His promised Son.

THOUGHT FOR THIS DAY:  We can slip and fall, but God will always pick us up.

by Cindy Best