What better way to enter the New Year of 2012 than thinking about how to have more ENERGY in our lives!   So many ways shout to us to make this happen: new diets, new exercise routines, new education, new job opportunities!  We all need to know what to choose for our new focus and how to enjoy our new priorities.

Energy for Christian living, however, doesn’t come from resolutions for more Bible Study, more prayer, better attitudes, more trust, less worry.  Surprised?

The energy needed for any and all Christian living comes from the power of the Holy Spirit.  And the Spirit of God is resident inside us…so we don’t  have to go far.  If you want a secret to a more victorious and less tiring day-to-day Christian life, just plug yourself into the resident power plant glowing inside YOU!  It’s guaranteed to never fail, never run out of resources, never short-circuit and never move to another location.

When we celebrated Christmas, we thought about the birth of Jesus as a baby.  Did you also celebrate the event as the coming of GOD to earth to live among people?  That’s what really happened on that night so very long ago.  More than a baby, we got to see our God live and breathe.  And this LIFE he lived was lived through the HOLY SPIRIT…the same, exact Spirit of God Who now lives in each person who has been willing to look at the Cross and believe in God’s plan for the salvation of His creation.

Paul tells us in Romans 5, we’ve already been declared righteous because of God’s decision to love us through our faith in Christ.  And we get so many gifts besides eternal life that we can be full of joy now!  We have rivers of living water flowing to us continuously (John 7:37-38).  This flowing of Holy Spirit water keeps us new and fresh, and our internal energy will not wear out.

Another gift we have now is “the mind of Christ” and we hold “the thoughts of His heart” (I Corin. 2:16).  Could you really ask for anything more?

From this point on, then, forget about empowering yourself.  God promises the work which He has begun in our lives, HE will finish.  Simply rely on God’s Spirit to do all that needs to be done in you.  God’s power has always been and will always be.  The energy that created the universe, and YOU, will never wear out, cease or go away.

God is trustworthy and true.  When He says we can do “all things through Christ,” that is exactly what He means.  Our “doing” is to be accomplished “through Christ,” not through anything we do.  So relax in 2012, rejuvenate your spirit, and get re-wired through FAITH.

One other thing, don’t get all hung up about wondering if you have ENOUGH faith.  Jesus tells us we only need faith the size of a mustard seed.  And since God GAVE us our faith (it’s not from works, lest we boast Eph. 2:8-9) then I’m really absolutely SURE we have enough faith to do whatever God asks.  He has supplied everything we need to power on in 2012 with confidence, because the Holy Spirit “Who is from God was given to us that we might realize the gifts given to us by God” (I Corin 2:12).  No more energy crisis for us!

by Cindy Best