I have loved the focus on “Light” this Christmas at church.  The lights of Christmas decorations inside homes and other outside lights are my favorite things about this season.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave up several of the “light motifs” I’ve used in decorating our dining area all year long—makes the winter months more bearable.   I am a real romantic and lots of candles and soft lighting just can’t be beat in my book.

My focus for this little devotional is Matthew 5:15, “Let your light shine brightly before men, so they may see your good deeds.”

Have you ever noticed the flame underneath a gas water heater?  There is an orange flame which surrounds a blue center flame.  When you enter a dark basement, you can see those two flames burning so brightly, but when you turn on the overhead light they all but disappear.

Imagine that flame representing Christ in our lives, and the overhead light being our own strong will.  As long as “we” are dark, Christ can shine within us.  But as soon as “we” light ourselves up, the light given by Christ becomes almost invisible.

Yes, we need to let our light shine before men, but we must remember who controls that light within us—not we ourselves but our Savior.

The apostle Paul said, “It is not me that’s living, but Christ living in me.”  I think that’s a great way to put it!

This Christmas season, I’m going to specifically ask my Heavenly Father to let my light shine, and to help me not get so wrapped up in my own glowing that I forget to let the Light of the World do the illuminating.  I want to bring glory to His name, not my own.

If you’d like to read a couple more verses on this, try Luke 14:11 and I Peter 5:6.

Enjoy a drive around the neighborhoods, or the Jolly Holiday of Lights tour and think about the one and only true Light!

by Cindy Best