As I was driving along a country road one day, I noticed a very large black bird being chased through the sky by a tiny sparrow-sized bird. At first I thought the whole sight very humorous. This large bird had seemingly been cowed into a humiliating retreat.

Of course, it was obvious to me the much bigger bird could turn and successfully defend itself using its greater size and strength, but it did not. It flew fast and furiously… away from the squawking pipsqueak of a bird.

It was at that moment God hit me with the brick of wisdom I often need. I realized much of my own life had been spent in just such a retreat. I continued driving and reflected upon what I’d seen transpire with the view the Holy Spirit now allowed me to glimpse.

At this point in my life, I’d been faced with what seemed an overwhelming situation. Despair lounged around my doorway while I pondered my helplessness. So heavy was the burden, I was led to that famous place of inability to function.

As God sent the wisdom brick, so He also sent a friend who pointed me to the scripture verse, which says, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4).  Although the problem I grappled with got no smaller and still loomed large in my life, I thought of the scene I’d witnessed in the blue sky of the countryside.

If that little creature, with its small amount of strength and flying strategy, could make a huge bird take flight, why couldn’t I go after my problem with great assurance? After all, I had God on my side. The Bible told me so! I didn’t have to rely on my own size or ability. I could rely on God—and what marvelous size and strength He offers!

Instead of wishing to be an eagle, I’m now content to be like the sparrow. The Scriptures also teach me that God’s eye is upon the sparrows (Matt. 10:29), and I figure I can’t be in any better position than that.

When problems come creeping onto my horizon, I retreat—into the strength my heavenly Father gives me. I fly to His wings and stay beneath them for shelter and let Him fight for me. Not only do I know God rescues His people, but also I realize that as His sparrow nothing can happen to me He is not aware of. No enemy can come upon me that He will not defend me against.

No tragedy, stress, or worry can unnerve me if I fly to Him in every circumstance.

What comfort. What relief!

Consider the sparrows.

by Cindy Best

(photo by Shane Kaye at