I believe I saw my first act of a true servant when I was in elementary school. While I don’t remember many of the details, at some point during our school day, a snowstorm blew into our town on the east side of Wisconsin and for whatever reason our bus did not leave immediately after school was over. I remember sitting on the floor in the school hallway, looking out the front doors of the school and it was very dark. Finally, we could all board the bus and off we went into a very dark and snowy night. Jane, our bus driver, slowly made her way through the night making each stop and making sure that child got into the house before moving on. We were the last stop and finally we were there. I saw the lights of our warm house and my mom and dad standing at the front door waiting for us. Jane let me out and then she picked up my younger brother and carried him until she could safely hand him over to my mom and dad. I remember looking back and seeing her stumble through a snow drift with my brother in her arms as she worked her way up to the house.

I think about that bus ride and Jane every now and then. I now know what it’s like to drive through winter weather with the winds, snow and ice, and it’s drive slowly, grip the steering wheel with both hands and keep my eyes on the road. Jane was driving a bus full of children counting on her to bring them home safely. That’s a lot of responsibility and I wonder what she was thinking as she drove through the night. I wonder if she prayed. I wonder if all she wanted was get the trip over and get back to her own warm home. Yet each child’s safety was her primary concern to the point that she got off the bus and carried my brother to the door. It was an impression that has lasted so many years. Many of us have a desire to serve, but I think sometimes serving is doing whatever God has you do, only a little bit better.

by Linda