One night during a particularly terrible thunderstorm, my then-six-year-old daughter came into our bedroom and asked, “May I sleep with you?”  Her voice quivered with fear.

Yes,” I said, “until the storm is over.”

With tenacity and emphasis in her tone, she told me, “I want to stay here until it’s all gone.”  Then she snuggled peacefully into the space between her father and me.

While she lay there, the intensity of the storm grew worse and worse.  Lightning flashed, and the thunder rolled in reverberating rumbles all around our house; but my little one never murmured or moved.  She felt safe with us.  We were not making the storm any less violent, but she knew she was secure because of her trust in us.

As I gently stroked her back, some God-thoughts went through my mind.  Why can’t I trust God like thatWhy can’t I rest in His love?  I know God loves me, so why can’t I give over my fears to Him?

The next day, I went to the book of Psalms and found many verses to ponder.  King David is one of my favorite Bible heroes, and I think he is so awesome because he writes both about his great and wonderful thoughts and about his most intimate fears and failures.  It didn’t take long to read Psalm 23 and meditate on the provision of the Lord.

But Psalm 4:8 also spoke to my heart: “I will lay me down in peace, and sleep: for you, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

With the storm of the previous evening in mind, I was reassured that though the storms of life threaten and are scary, if I go to God and trust Him, and rest in the space between His arms, I will be safe.  The storms may not lessen in intensity or duration—in fact, they may well get worse—but I will be protected.

Since I, as a parent, have protected my children and comforted them during their frightening experiences, I’ve learned to become as a little child to God.  I cry out and run to Him, asking Him to help me firmly stand in His love for me…often pleading to feel His love in a very real way during frightening times.

From my experience as a parent who responds to whatever fears and trials my children might have, I know without doubt that God will be my comfort and strength.  He is my shelter, my Rock, my tower of safety.  Nothing can harm me.

There is a beautiful painting depicting this peaceful feeling:  a little bird sits calmly in its swaying nest amidst a fierce storm.  Complete trust in God our Father—Creator of us and of the storms.  That is peace!

by Cindy Best