As we enter the colorful season of Fall, I find the correlation of the beauty of nature and women…especially Women of the Word…very striking.

Look around you.  Various hair colors and styles, clothing, eye color and beauty products greet you not only at the local mall, but at WOW.

But what I notice first about another woman is her smile.   Is it easy, genuine, welcoming?  What is spoken in that first unspoken glimpse of the inside of her character?  Her Christ-likeness?

Back to the leaves on the trees….did you know there are three “chemicals” that give trees their color in the fall?  We probably all know there is Chlorophyll, which gives the basic green color, and it’s necessary for photosynthesis to give the plant life.  (Remember, from your science class years ago?)

But there are Carotenoids and Anthocyanins.   You might know about Carotenoids if you are aware of their benefits in personal nutrition.  (Moms are right, eat your carrots!)

The intriguing thing, though, is that the colors of the leaves are actually present the entire growing season.  They don’t just magically “appear” in Autumn.  It isn’t until the days shorten and nights lengthen, when the Chlorophyll production slows because of less direct sunshine, that the many colors manifest themselves.

The beauty abounding on every branch, in each yard or park, has been there all along.  And now we go out and gather all that beauty and decorate our doors, our mantles or our tables with it…welcoming the change God has ordained.

Women are like that, I think.  Our true colors are inside all the time.  What happens when our days shorten…nights get longer…maybe a chill wraps around us?  Does your beauty become obvious then?   Is Christ’s inner light shining brighter?  Will God’s creation of your soul be what everyone sees?

God has ordained that each of us fill our beings with His graciousness, generosity and genuine love.  I pray you will enjoy this season of learning together in God’s Word and bonding together as Women of the Word, showing your beauty to all around you.

by Cindy Best